GEM Festival in Glens Falls, NY Reaches New Heights In 2021

GEM Festival in Glens Falls, NY Reaches New Heights In 2021

Gem Festival made its return to Glens Falls, NY celebrating its 5th year as a festival and at a new location! This year’s festival was hosted at The Shirt Factory which offers the festival a lot more opportunities to grow. What makes this festival special is the home-grown feel that it has thanks to the amazing people put it together.

There is not many festivals in New York State were you can just sit back and enjoy the music, with the option of being able to get up and rage at the stage of course. Gem Festival featured 20 different bands/acts over 2 stages including the likes of Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band, Pillowhead, Freedom Stratton and Brain Medicine.

Another big attraction is the all the artists who are involved either doing live paintings and selling their art. Let’s not also forget all the different food and craft vendors littered throughout the festival space. With the move to The Shirt Factory, it allows for better parking, a chance to relax on the lawn and presents more of a family atmosphere.

There are also not a lot of festivals that have the musical genres that Gem Festival has in New York State. Especially in Upstate, NY. There are a ton of jam band festivals but barely any that feature heavier and more diverse music. Gem Festival is unique for many reasons and because of that, there is a lot of potential to grow. You can tell there is a lot of love and time put behind making this Glens Falls, NY music festival special and we can’t wait to see the the future holds. Check out photos from Gem Festival 2021 at The Shirt Factory below.


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