Marcus Rezak Throws Album Release Party at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT

Marcus Rezak Throws Album Release Party at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT

Writer: Shane Netski Sobriquet
Photos: Matt Dolliver

Over the weekend, Marcus Rezak played at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT to celebrate the release of his new single “Light of the Moon” from his upcoming album, “Truth in Sound.” The album, set to be released April 29th on all streaming platforms. The new single, “Light of the Moon,” is a terrific look at what is to come from Rezak’s second studio album.

Playing the newly explored backyard of the iconic music venue, Nectar’s, Rezak projected his classic shred style to a playful crowd of friends and followers. Rezak was joined on stage by super group Cotter Ellis(Swimmer), Scott Hannay(Mr. F), and Nate Edgar (Nth Power). As if the gods themselves blessed this eccentric group of musicians, the moon cast an alluring smile upon the night. A few excited listeners danced as if drawing down the moon’s energy.

Rezak’s jazz-infused rock style opened neighboring windows surrounding the cozy backyard seating area from the roof of Nectar’s. Reverberating sweet melodies through a few alleyways, some neighbors found themselves following the rhythm of the night by enjoying the show from their patios. The respectful audience remained socially distant at their respective tables, eating and drinking as they began to dance around their chairs in support of the empowering music.

Well into their nearly two-hour long first set, Edgar and Ellis entered into a rhythmic vibe which lead the group into some very tasteful jazz. Feeling the hype of the night, Matt Dolliver(Swimmer) was invited on stage to raise hairs with his saxophone. Igniting new melodic phrases, the band let Dolliver’s saxophone shine in all its brassy goodness.

Next to the stage to join the locked in group, none other than Burlington favorite, Rob Compa(Dopapod). Settling into the fretboard instantly, Compa brought a fresh take on the jazzy tones. Stretching melodic intervals to their max, the seasoned guitarist gave Rezak an emboldened style. The two passed melodies and licks back and forth endlessly as the band threaded together songs seamlessly. Compa’s expert rhythm crossed into a delightful reggae beat before the group took their set break.

The second set was just as thrilling as the first. Well-lubricated from the night’s treats, the crowd was roaring for more. Scott Hannay balanced the sounds well with his synth sounds and effects. Expertly, almost imperceptibly, Hannay backed the band throughout the set with tone allowing the other musicians to shine. Waiting for his moment, he carefully crafted his synth to an electrifying tone to shock the audience. Hearing his window approaching, he boosted the volume and led the group in a twisting run up of tasteful scales provoking new melodic phrases from Rezak.

Briefly announcing the band members, Rezak invited Dolliver and Compa back to the stage for the final half-hour of the performance. The smiling group joined the audience in dance as they continued to enjoy the music and the night. Announcing their final song the band and special guests played as long as they could before ordinance forced them to stop. A final look at the bright light of the moon was all it took to bring the hyper crowd back to balance after an unforgettable night of music lead by Rezak.

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