Victory Soul Orchestra Brings the “Life of the Party” to Lark Hall For the Venue’s First Concert Open to the Public

Victory Soul Orchestra Brings the “Life of the Party” to Lark Hall For the Venue’s First Concert Open to the Public

Lark Hall, downtown Albany, NY’s newest venue officially opened its doors to the public Saturday night with two sets from Victory Soul Orchestra. The concert was sold out before the doors opened filling the room with roughly 65 people in attendance to comply with New York State’s 33% capacity rule. The band made it’s appearance at Lark Hall for a live streamed performance back in June 2020.

Victory Soul Orchestra has grown to be one of Albany, NY’s premier funk/soul bands with a more diverse batch of songs to pick from every night including a cohesive sound that makes you feel a number of emotions. Not only have they become a must-see band, their originality is what stands out the most. The band has also added singer Dali Soto and bassist Paul Bonolo to the roster. The blend of Soto and singer JB “aka” Dirty Moses together open up the potential for a lot more exploration to the band’s incredible sound. Recently, Victory Soul Orchestra performed on stage at the Palace Theatre for their monthly Palace Sessions series.

(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

As the band came onto the stage, the room filled with excitement and cheers which brought life into an already beautiful venue. Victory Soul Orchestra opened up the night with “Burn” getting people on their feet from the start. The group performed a ton of original tunes and select covers including a stand out version of “Pick It Up.” The 10-piece funk band has also included front man JB “aka” Dirty Moses’ music giving the band 1990’s hip-hop elements to their sound.┬áSpeaking of 1990’s hip-hop, Victory Soul Orchestra busted out with a top-shelf version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning” with unique arrangements provided by the horns section breathing new life into the legendary song.

Regarding Lark Hall, the venue and staff successfully created a safe environment for concert-goers to enjoy live music. Everyone person the building had their temperature taken prior to entering the building and attendees were spaced out at least 6 feet if not more from each other. Lark Hall’s next concert takes place Saturday April 24th featuring CK & The Rising Tide. Check out photos and the setlist from Victory Soul Orchestra’s performance below.


Set 1: Burn, VUDU, Mohawk, Shoot Yer Shot, Life of the Party, Buffy, Suspension, Pick it Up, Undeniable, Walk On By>Warning, Black Boy Magic

Set 2: AOTW, Right On, God/Self/Icon, Astrobeat, Hands Up, Dis Tew Much, Scary, Sindbahhh, Hypnorise, Freddie’s Dead, Apache



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