Long Island Saves Amityville Music Hall

Long Island Saves Amityville Music Hall

Writer: Maddie Mccafferty

Ever since the initial hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, local music venues have had to face some of the greatest challenges of businesses. These venues have had little relief throughout this past year, so Long Island Emo and musicians of Long Island, NY have teamed up. People have come together in order to raise funds for Amityville Music Hall through the release of The AMH Comp: Volume One.

The AMH Comp: Volume One is available exclusively on Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the venue and staff who have created a strong community among music fans and touring acts. The compilation consists of 28 songs, including new originals, covers, and stripped-down versions. Tracks expand on countless genres, from punk and metal to indie rock. Some contributions to the work are from John Nolan, Jade Lilitri, Johnny Booth, Sainthood Reps, Brian Byrne, Somerset Thrower, Rare Futures, Wreath of Tongues, and Keep Flying.

Amityville Music Hall ownership commented:

It’s tough to put into words the feelings that we have experienced after receiving the outpouring of support from the tight-knit community of Long Island musicians who have spent time contributing to this compilation. Admittedly, we have struggled to keep AMH alive over the last year, but with the support of these artists our lifespan is extended just a little bit longer. We do not know when we can safely allow shows to happen, but we are committed to seeing that happen as one of the only all-ages venues on Long Island that cater specifically to punk rock & alternative subcultures. We are excited to get back to it!
With musicians dedicated to supporting AMH, the second volume will release this Spring. The AMH Comp: Volume One is available now on Bandcamp for a $15 donation. With this release, a t-shirt is also available for purchase here, where the funds will benefit the venue. Let’s keep supporting local venues so, after this pandemic, we can return to not only a safer world but a world with music filling the streets!

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