Meet John Notaro

Meet John Notaro

Article Courtesy of Live Bubble Vibe
Photo: Trish Tymecki

It would be impossible to discuss the musical genius of John Notaro without honorably mentioning his longtime friend and former roommate Jay Jarvis. The two together have crafted some incredibly touching music over the years. This article, however, will focus intently on the creative art of John Notaro. Removing himself from the distractions of the modern world, John lives in the most rural of settings. Growing up in Vermont, he has made the state’s beautiful landscape the secret of his inspiration. Locked away in his middle-of-nowhere recording dungeon, John and his team of artists continuously pour out recorded articulation.

Remaining busy, this multi-instrumentalist juggles more simultaneous music projects than most seasoned professionals. An incomplete list of his projects include: Black Tongue Conspiracy, Emerther, Point of Abstraction, Mushroom Teeth, Red Handed Betrayal, Car Fire, and Tazz Jones. Black Tongue Conspiracy is a project that lays out the raw passionate workings of John’s mind. Exploring diverse, creative expression through song, John exposes a sorrowful reflection of a man that can’t seem to shake his past. Battling alcoholism, depression, and troubles with love, this project shows just how passionate John is about his musical expression.

Figment is easily John’s most matured single cut. This musical journey is one that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Well-composed, this song is filled with feeling. Impulsive rhythm and finely-crafted melody meet well-refined tone in a slow, meaningful lament. Building to a beat that resembles movement inspired by Trent Reznor, this track touches the listener deeply.

Off the album Denim Leather & Suede: Songs to Ride off into the Sunset to, John sings us “Spurs That Come in by the Window.” This song belongs in a Tarantino film. Including a rock guitar ballad that Van Halen himself would have smiled at, John takes us right into the sunset as he intended. Catchy tracks like “Hydration is Key” and “Steak & Eggs,” make this album worth the modest $4 he charges on his Bandcamp.

Point of Abstraction, parts I – VI are, without question, John’s most exploratory music. Born in improvisational expression, these works are John’s most raw musical engagement with his listeners. Freely improvising onto record, this musical epic is for seasoned music listeners. Nearly requiring a mind that has been torn apart then built back up by psychedelic trauma, this collection of works alone is worth the $30 John charges for his entire discography.

John and his fellow collaborative artists dump new content unendingly into this Bandcamp project with an inclination to be heard. John Notaro is an artist that you need to know about. Focused with limitless potential untainted by ego, his diverse collection of music provides something for everyone.

Be sure to support John in whatever way you can, be that by following his Bandcamp page, or purchasing his digital content. You will not be disappointed.

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