Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Documentary “Pretending I’m A Superman” Officially Released

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Documentary “Pretending I’m A Superman” Officially Released

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series has gone down as one of the most successful video game franchises converting people of all demographics and ages into skateboarders.  Pretending I’m A Superman, the documentary about the series has finally been released on all major video-on-demand platforms including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime.

The documentary was crafted by Director Ludvig Gür and Producer Ralph D’Amato and focuses on telling how exactly the original game was destined for greatness and broke the barriers to the mainstream. Pretending I’m A Superman stars Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero and other professional skateboarders who were playable characters in the video game.

Overtime, the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game sold over 9 million copies and the series has 18 games total over 13 different video game platforms. The documentary recently premiered at Mammoth Film Festival and was treated to great reception.

D’Amato stated in an interview via. The Berrics: “Ludvig and I have been working on this film for three years. When we made our minds up to do the film, Tony was the first person I hit-up to ask if he would give me time for an interview. He agreed and I just had to get my schedule to jibe with his to make it happen…We’re super stoked on the reception we got at the Mammoth Film Festival and we are planning additional screenings in the future.”

If you are a fan of the franchise, skateboarding or even just video games, we highly recommend that you check this documentary out. Watch the official trailer to Pretending I’m A Superman below:

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