Have You Noticed The Roller Skating Comeback?

Have You Noticed The Roller Skating Comeback?

(Photo: Sara Park)

COVID-19 had varying impacts on different kinds of businesses and industries. Quad roller skating and in-line roller skating made a huge comeback, and is continuing to grow as a top trend this year.

With many major country’s populations itching for something to do since quarantine started in March, the purchasing and use of classic quads and inlines skyrocketed.

Two current major platforms, TikTok and Instagram, had a large influence on this revival. Videos of people in their neighborhood  streets, in their homes, on homemade halfpipes, in parking lots, on tennis courts, in parking garages, in skate parks, and anywhere a smooth surface can be found were beginning to pop up. Roller skating was a popular trend in the 1970’s and 80’s and died down for a while. Because of the impact of social media, a dying sport has made quite the comeback! Check out a compilation of roller skating TikTok video below:

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