138 Year Old Camera Store in Nashville, TN Shuts Its Doors

138 Year Old Camera Store in Nashville, TN Shuts Its Doors

(Photo: Dury’s Facebook)

Dury’s Camera Store in Nashville, Tennessee is closing its doors after 138 years. Just like many other small businesses in the United States, Dury’s reason behind shutting their doors is the impact from the COVID-19. Owner Charles Small made the following statement via social media:

“After very careful consideration, I have made the difficult decision to close our doors for good. This is something that when I started working for this company in 1991 I never in a million years thought I would ever be doing. In the last eight weeks I have seen our business and lives turned upside down. I have spent countless hours working with advisers and thinking through every angle I could. I have consulted with our board of directors and accountants. Unfortunately, closure was the decision that we reached.

We will not be taking in any further lab orders. If you have an order that you have already submitted, we will be posting hours that we will be open for you to pick up your order in the next few days Some of them have been completed and some of them we will be giving you a recommendation on who can do the order for you.

I know that people in Nashville and all our other customers are going to need a source to get their needs met in the future. Roberts Camera is one of the leaders in our industry and UsedPhotoPro is a part of the Roberts family. We have been partnering with them the last year on our Buy, Sell, Trade events and I think you will find them to be a great company to work with.

I want to thank all our customers for your loyal support over the years and I am sure we will see you again. I also want to thank our staff for their long years of service. Many have worked for the company for ten years or more and I can not thank them enough for the hard work that they have put in.

We will continue to post updates as we know more, and we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. From our family to yours.”

Charles Small

Camera Store Shuts its Doors

For a mom and pop camera store, 138 years is quite the accomplishment, not to mention it was the oldest Camera businesses in the country. Unfortunately, it will be likely to see more and more stories such as this due to the financial hit caused by the virus. Now more than ever, small businesses need all the help they can get, especially with having to compete with online retailers such as Amazon. For more information on camera related news, stay tuned.

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