In this Quarantined interview, we talked with Hayley Jane about COVID-19’s impact on the live music and entertainment industry and gives advice about how to get through these tough times. Read the full interview below:

How are things going since the impact of COVID-19?
All things considered they are going alright.

What things have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
I have been painting a ton. Writing a lot of music and learning covers on the guitar. Working out and going for walks. Doing a lot of live streams.

How has COVID-19’s impact on the live music/entertainment industry effected you?
Well, like most of my fellow musicians the main blow has been financial. The hardest part besides the money is not performing live for people. It’s what we do. It’s how we get off. It’s our outlet. I miss the energy swap… I miss creating a vibe in the room and evoking group emotion. I miss it so much.

Do you have any advice for musicians struggling?
Keep creating if you are able. Perform for yourself. And if you aren’t feeling it… DONT. If you need to cry, CRY. This is a global traumatic experience. There will need to be time to process this before we can truly express it artistically so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time creating right now. When you are feeling upbeat and positive do your best to try and share it with the world. When you’re not SHARE THAT TOO. Keep talking.

What was coming up for you in the coming months prior to the impact of COVID-19?
I was supposed to do a small run of shows with the amazing Zach Deputy in the North East in April and then head down to Nashville to continue preproduction for my first solo studio album. I’m supposed to be there right now, so that’s a bummer. And Mountain Jam was going to kick off my festival season at the end of May and that has been canceled sadly.

ADK Music Festival 2019 Watermarked (276 of 487).jpg(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

What things do you miss the most with having to social distance?
I miss my friends so much. And there’s a guy I really dig spending time with. I miss him too.

What music has been getting you through these stressful times?
Every morning I put on Lyle Brewer’s record, Get it Together. The crackling of the vinyl and his unbelievable guitar plying set me right. Phoebe Bridgers and Adrianne Lenker (and Big Theif) when my vibration is low and slow. Cris Jacobs when I’m running. Ryan Montbleau’s live streams. Tune Yards when I’m feeling up.

How can fans support musicians through these rough times?
I have an Indiegogo Campaign to fund the making of my record that got put on hold. It’s an awesome way to preorder the album and there are a lot of other fun perks!

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