CHECK OUT: Antibalas Video For “Fight Am Finish”

CHECK OUT: Antibalas Video For “Fight Am Finish”

New from Brooklyn’s Antibalas is their video for ‘Fight Am Finish,’ off their latest release Fu Chronicles. The song is singer Amayo’s vision of a Nigerian slave returning to Africa to reclaim his freedom, land, and spirit.

The video unfolds as a dreamer returns, back from the middle passage to the point of no return in Badagry, Nigeria off the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Once taken as a child slave, he returns as a Sifu (meaning “a master”) from where the gods are in peace to pay homage to the ancestors to reclaim his dignity and spirit. He engages the guidance of the indigenous gatekeeper Ogun, Egyptian Goddess Seshat, and the Mother of the Ocean, Yemoja to be victorious.

The video depicts a unity dance with Ogun called Chi Sao in Chinese. Amayo enlisted his daughter to play Seshat’s role in the music video. Seshat is known for helping correct the lies of history in order to rebuild a balanced world. She represents the future of feminine leadership. Check out Antibalas’ new album Fu Chronicles on all platforms, click here.

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