Twiddle Celebrates New Years Eve at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

Twiddle Celebrates New Years Eve at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

Twiddle rang in the New Year at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on Tuesday night, the second night of their two night run. At max capacity, the Vermont quartet played a career spanning setlist, giving fans a real treat. Supporting Twiddle for the night was 3 piece jazz-street band Too Many Zooz. Twiddle got the show started with “Invisible Ink” followed by an “Apples” sandwich which included “Mamunes The Fawn,” the rarely played “Laughable Butane Bob,” then transitioned to”Every Soul” only to go right back into “Apples.” Something really special to hear was the whole crowd of over 2000 sing the ending along loudly with the band. Twiddle has worked their way from the ground up building a dedicated fan base along the way. From local bars in Bomoseen to Red Rocks Amphitheater, the group hasn’t stopped working and is firing on all cylinders. Capping off the first set was an incredible version of “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” and “Earth Mama.”

With the crowd getting excited for the turn of not only the new year but the decade, Twiddle came back on 15 minutes before midnight brining the energy with their heavy song “Nicodemus Portulay.” With minutes to spare, Twiddle created a Norco Countdown gag to bring in 2020. At midnight the crowd went wild while the band played “Auld Lang Syne” as confetti and balloons dropped from the ceiling of House of Blues Boston. After a few minutes of celebrating, high fives and kisses, Twiddle broke out into “Slipping in the Kitchen.” Up next was fan favorite, “Jamflowman” which went into “The Box.” The second set ended with a stellar version of “Frankenfoote.” Twiddle then left the stage to then return with “Orlandos.” With a lengthy winter tour, Somewhere on the Mountain in Colorado and a two night Valentine’s Day run, 2020 is looking rock solid for them. See setlist and gallery of photos below from Twiddle’s New Years Eve performance at the House of Blues below:


Set 1: Invisible Ink, Apples > Mamunes The Fawn > Laughable Butane Bob > Every Soul > Apples, Life Back Now, Syncopated Healing, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Earth Mama
Set 2: Nicodemus Portulay > Norco Countdown > Auld Lang Syne, Slipping in the Kitchen, Jamflowman > The Box > Frankenfoote
Encore: Orlandos


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