RECAP: Jam For The Holidays at Nanola

RECAP: Jam For The Holidays at Nanola

(Writer/Photos: Alex Ehmann)

Nanola’s Jam for the Holidays lived up to its name last night with an open mic style event hosted by Rob Beaulieu(Raisinhead) and Friends on December 19th. Rob and Ted Grey held down the guitar positions while drummer Jeff “Presto” Prescott and bass legend Captain James “Flea” Kirk rounded out the rhythm section. Special guests included Vinnie Amico (moe.) on the skins, Ralph “I ain’t mad” Spillenger on the guitar, Andrew “Dr. Drew” Costa on the guitar as well, and many others as the night went on.

Nanola’s atmosphere is extremely welcoming, and cozy as well. It has it’s own type of vibe, completed with unique decor and an awesome menu with a large variety to choose from. If you happen to stop by, you should definitely check out their gumbo, it’s perfect for a cold night out, and delicious of course! Inside you will find a game room, tons of seating, a great bar area, and many special guests performing live music. If you’re looking for a night of fun, this is for sure the place to go. Check out photos from Jam for the Holidays below:



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