Kalopsia Clothing UK Releases “.Carbon City.” Collection

Kalopsia Clothing UK Releases “.Carbon City.” Collection

Making your mark in the streetwear and art-wear field is no easy feat. There’s tons of competition, especially in the digital market. On the flip side of that coin, not everyone is capable of creating eye-catching designs that make people say “yeah, I want to wear that”.

The United Kingdom-based clothing company Kalopsia Clothing has done just that with their second collection, titled “.carbon city.”. It’s a glitchy, eerie and aesthetically pleasing line that line-owner Michael Bycroft has been working on for a while. It’s industrial yet clean, leaving the wearer with a futuristic feel.

“.CARBON CITY., as with much of my work, focuses on destruction,” says Bycroft. “I used the distorted art form of glitch that is found in most of my work, to produce dark, abstract cityscapes which I used as a basis for the designs featured in this release.”

With messages that read like ominous optimism, this drop feels like the remnants of a dystopia. “The world is yours”, but is it? That’s left up to the customer to decide — who’s world is it, truly?

Bycroft continues, “They were then tied together with text that brings to mind a sense of the post-apocalypse world, something which it’s feeling we’re drawing closer and closer to in the current age of ignorance and disregard.”

The thoughtfulness put into showing the thoughtlessness of human nature in the 21st century is clear. Kalopsia Clothing is taking the subconscious, internal feelings of being alive in a digital pre-dystopia and turning it into something tangible. It feels soft to the touch, but the message is as sharp as knives.

The .carbon city. collection is available now on the Kalopsia Clothing webstore. Follow them on Instagram here.

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