GrooveSafe Allstars: Musicians Making A Difference in Consent Culture

GrooveSafe Allstars: Musicians Making A Difference in Consent Culture

This coming Monday, October 14, New York’s Brooklyn Bowl will host the first ever GrooveSafe Allstars concert event. This event is coming together with the combined efforts of many music industry professionals that want to keep the conversation about consent in the forefront in the live music scene and support the GrooveSafe movement. The initial GrooveSafe Allstars show will feature members of Turkuaz, lespecial, Goose, Escaper, Swimmer, Guerilla Toss, Cousin Earth and Of Clocks And Clouds.

GrooveSafe is a movement within the musical community to bring awareness about unwanted touching and sexual assault at concerts. GrooveSafe was founded by Ashley Driscoll in 2017, and has received official nonprofit 501(C)(3) status this past year. It happens too much; unwanted touching, invasion of personal space and outright sexual assault, even at concerts. From the realization that these behaviors were occurring and more awareness was needed, GrooveSafe was born. Driscoll, an avid live music fan and passionate concert attendee decided enough was enough and began an initiative to change these behaviors for good. Focused on teaching body safety, boundaries & respect, GrooveSafe has a presence at concerts and festivals, spreading awareness in any way possible. There are movements and campaigns that stress the importance of consent in many areas of culture and the music scene shouldn’t be any different, no matter the genre.

“One thing that is really important to me to make clear is that GrooveSafe is not just a movement for women and the jamband category. It’s all genders, it’s all genres. If  it’s Funk, Soul, Country, EDM…we should be practicing consent and getting refocused ON the music in a safe environment.” – Ashley Driscoll

Watch the interview below with Ashley Driscoll about the origins of GrooveSafe to learn more.


Not only is the event at Brooklyn Bowl this coming Columbus Day going to support an important cause, it will also showcase some of the best musicians around.  Joining together for an All-Star Super-Jam, these musicians have one thing in common, belief in the need for the awareness about consent.

The GrooveSafe Allstars roster is an impressive one. The talented lineup includes Sammi Garett (Vocals – Turkuaz), Josh Schwartz (Sax – Turkuaz), Greg Sanderson (Sax – Turkuaz), Chris Brouwers (Trumpet – Turkuaz), Luke Bemand (Bass – lespecial), Will Hanza (Lead Guitar – Escaper), Ben Atkind (Drums – Goose), Matt Dolliver (Keys, EWI – Swimmer), Sam Lisabeth (Guitar – Guerilla Toss), Melissa Goscinski (Vocals – Cousin Earth), Tara Lawton (Vocals – Cousin Earth) and Tom Salgo (Lead Guitar – Of Clocks And Clouds).

Doors are at 6:00 P.M, show at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available here.


There are more GrooveSafe Allstars shows in the works, expect to see shows popping up across the country this upcoming year. Also to be noted are these upcoming shows also to benefit GrooveSafe; Harvestfest: Tribute To Mother Earth on October 19 at Woods Valley Ski Area in Rome, NY and The Ophishal Yemsg Preparty with Runaway Gin – a Tribute to Phish on December 26 at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

To find out more information about GrooveSafe, how to volunteer/join the street team or how to get involved as an Artist Ambassador head to the GrooveSafe website, Facebook page or Street Team page.

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