Emily Mion Talks EM//VOID Capsule Collection

Emily Mion Talks EM//VOID Capsule Collection

Schenectady-based brand null//void apparel is releasing their capsule collection with Emily Mion on Friday, September 27th, 9:00pm EST. The capsule collection, called “EM//VOID”, will be a celebration of femininity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Collaborator Emily Mion said of the collection “E//V has really helped give me a voice in a climate I felt I never had one. I, like many females, have been mistreated, misunderstood and disrespected by someone or somebody I’ve loved. This love causes you to make excuses for that person as they continue to mistreat you, and because of this, I started to feel like a victim. I was hopeless and more than that, angry and frustrated because I had all of these things to say and had no outlet. E//V is that outlet”.

There are three specific, different designs in the collection, each speaking to a different facet of the expression of femininity as a strength, not a weakness.


“E//V is a way of saying ‘I am not your possession, I am not going to bite my tongue and quite frankly, I will no longer put up with the sh*t I don’t deserve,” Mion continues. “E//V is respecting myself, standing up for myself and putting myself above the needs of someone who isn’t even at my level. 

E//V is being empathetic, compassionate, soft and all other things that have been classified feminine but also not standing down, not allowing others opinions to tear you down, not having to live up to anyone’s expectations but your own”.



Designs such as  A GIRL… define power in who you are (“We harness the ability to start a revolution — a girl quite simply is a gun”), while 2WICKED sarcastically asks “Too much for you?” — a statement many femme-presenting people have heard when they do not make themselves smaller for the comfort of others.

“It’s a reminder that everything considered feminine and weak is exactly what makes us strong. Women and femme-presenting people are forces of nature, gentle mostly but harnessing the power to destroy everything she builds. This collection, to me, says, ‘yeah, you may have hurt me, and yeah, maybe I am soft, but I know who the f* I am and I won’t dim my light for you. This is boss-up time. We’re here to demolish hate with nothing but love and cool bitch style.”

Portions of the proceeds will go to a charity that helps domestic violence survivors in the Capital Region.

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