Review: Victory Soul Orchestra | ‘Astrobeat’

Review: Victory Soul Orchestra |  ‘Astrobeat’

A few months back, we had the pleasure of covering Victory Soul Orchestra at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY opening for Fishbone. Thats when we realized that Victory Soul Orchestra is one funk band that you should see live. Hailing from the Capital Region, the group has released a brand new album titledĀ AstrobeatĀ and is guaranteed to rock your world

Hailing from Albany, New York, Victory Soul Orchestra describes themselves as a “nine-piece afro-jazz/funk/soul,” band. And if you think that description makes them sound interesting, just wait until you hear them play.

Very much like their live show, Victory Soul Orchestra’s album is packed with funky, delicious jams from a set of musicians that know their way around their instruments. From start to finish you will enjoy some of the most unique ska-infused, African-driven, funky-style jams you can imagine. The album doesn’t have many lyrics, but you won’t miss them a bit over the bass, drums, guitars, and horns galore. When the lyrics do appear, however, you will certainly want more.

If you haven’t heard this band, you should know that Victory Soul Orchestra has one of the most prolific and polished sounds out there. And this album, with high-energy tracks like Astrobeat and Tru’s March to keep you on your toes, and down-tempo rhythms like Zoe Barnes, is a ride through funky town that you’re going to want to take over and over again.

Band Members:

  • Joel Yannuzzi — trumpet
  • Joe Paparone — bari sax
  • Dave Paul — trombone
  • Sarah Clark — bass
  • Ben Fedak — drums
  • Ryan Devine — organ/keys
  • Justin Fuld — guitar
  • Nick Palazeke — percussion

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