Kindofkind’s Sophomore Album Speaks of Love, Loss, Human Condition

Kindofkind’s Sophomore Album Speaks of Love, Loss, Human Condition

(Writer: Courtney Guttenberg)

Rochester, New York progressive indie trio Kindofkind recently released their sophomore album Odds & Ends Begin to Even Out on June 15th. The band describes the album on their Bandcamp as “On the topic of loving one another, losing ourselves and each other, and other fleeting things”, a message that is definitely conveyed simultaneously through musical structure and lyrics.

With a feeling that is reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Balance & Composure and The Fall Of Troy, Odds & Ends is both erratic and relaxing. The album has instrumental tracks as well as poignant lyrics about love and loss (and, it seems, both happening at the same time). The first track, “What Are The Odds?!” sets the tone for the entire album, starting off with calm, rhythmic sounds and backing vox, then briefly descending into madness and coming back again.

Album artwork for Kindofkind’s sophomore release, Odds & Ends Begin to Even Out

“Droplets” (track two) paints a picture of shared consciousness as well as the acknowledgment of nostalgia as a location with the line “Take my hand and we’ll go / to the place we’ll never be”. Instrumental track “Polysoul” sounds like KOK’s prog-rock influences as well as twinkly emo (think American Football’s “Never Meant”) while also being funky and jam oriented, all in one neatly packaged track.

Closing song “At Sixes & Sevens” is a song of self-reflection, with imagery of bodies being “structurally sound” while also “under renovation”. This notion is relatable for all humans in some way, shape or form. The album ends with the line “You aimed yourself too high / You lost your head in the sky”, which could be interpreted as a warning to listeners to stay grounded.

The cover art for Odds & Ends is a great visual representation of this slice of progressive indie sound — it shows organic movement through square structures in a way that is both completely opposite and one hundred percent harmonious. The juxtaposition of the artwork is fitting for this album and this trio. Kindofkind doesn’t fit into any box but the one that they have built, a box that is far from square. And that is incredibly refreshing.

For fans of: Proggy math rock, indie, cool sounds
Favorite track: Tentacle

You can purchase and listen to Kindofkind’s album on their Bandcamp.

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