Ithaca songwriter Gwen Gallagher Releases Lo-Fi Head-Bopper “Anymore”

Ithaca songwriter Gwen Gallagher Releases Lo-Fi Head-Bopper “Anymore”

(Writer: Courtney Guttenberg)

Gwen Gallagher is grew up in a family where she was always surrounded by music. Her mother sang, her dad played guitar, and her siblings were all involved in music.

“Growing up surrounded by music is what made me want to become a musician,” she says. “It felt so natural to me and felt like home”.

Gwen’s latest single, “anymore”, is a lo-fi track that the artist wrote about friendships that were no longer positively impactful in her life. Her voice over this chill-yet-melancholy beat conveys exactly what her message is, and is incredibly relatable to many listeners.

Cover for Gwen Gallagher’s latest single, “anymore”.

When asked about her influences, Gwen’s got quite the range — “from Jimi Hendrix and Cream to Tyler, the Creator and Saba”, as well as Clairo and Noname. “I like listening to different genres to hear different writing styles and layouts, and try to take aspects from each to create a unique sound”. 

“My process is pretty simple,” says Gwen. “I start on a keyboard and come up with a riff. I keep playing that until I can build off of it. Then I add a beat and go with it — and then the lyrics come.”

“anymore” isn’t a one-and-done track for Gwen — she has a lot of songs in the works and hopes to have an EP finished by the end of the year. She also hopes to play venues in Ithaca, where she is based out of, and would love to go on tour and play to larger audiences.

While Gwen’s got many musical influences, her inspiration musically and non-musically comes from her friends and once again, her parents. 

“They inspire me and motivate me to be the best person I can be, and to push through any hardships that come my way.”

Gwen is based out of Ithaca, New York. You can find her on social media on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to “anymore” on her Soundcloud page. 

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