Cold Lazarus Heats Things up with Their Sophomore Album ‘Colors and Lights’

Cold Lazarus Heats Things up with Their Sophomore Album ‘Colors and Lights’

(Writer: Tammie Eller)

If you haven’t heard about the Western New York-based quartet Cold Lazarus, that’s about to change. The band just announced the release of their sophomore album Colors and Lights due out on May 31. According to the group, the new album is a “loose concept piece,” and it’s a follow-up of the band’s debut album — a self-titled masterpiece released in January 2018.

In late 2018, founding member and keyboard player Drew Minton announced his departure from the band. At the time, this western New York powerhouse had four songs ready to go for Colors and Lights. Later, when guitarist and keyboard player Jeremy Bunce replaced Minton, Cold Lazarus returned to the studio to record the final three tracks. Then, the band wove those “shorter musical interludes,” in between the other four tracks.


Colors and Lights is an accidental recorded documentation of a transitional period in Cold Lazarus’ history.”

It’s time to get excited because this album sounds fantastic. Like many jam-based releases, the lyrics in Colors and Lights are sparse. However, the vocals that do exist point to an all-familiar narrative of loneliness and a desire to belong by any means necessary that all humans can relate to.

And if that wasn’t enough, Cold Lazarus is expanding their repertoire with two tracks on the new album called “Trepidation,” and “Dimension Ascension.” Those songs feature the band’s latest explorations into “Jamtronica.” Though for those of you already fans, don’t worry, the band continues to build its unique brand of rock with their rare blend of “progressive, psychedelic, indie, and funk.”

“We’re very proud of what we managed to create in Colors and Lights,” said bassist Gavin Paterniti. “ I think this album is a good indication of the huge strides we’ve made not only as musicians but as songwriters who are constantly striving to push into new creative territory. To me, the songs feel more organic and cohesive, and work well together within the framework of an album that is trying to tell a story. Colors and Lights is big step in the direction we want to be heading as artists.”


Cold Lazarus is one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in Western New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania for a reason. With notable performances at Cobblestone Live!, The Gathering at Chaffee’s, Whirlybird Music Festival, The Great Blue Heron Music Festival, and Night Lights Music Festival this band is one to watch out for.

So, get ready to make your ears happy on May 31 when guitarist/keyboardist Adam Gould, guitarist/keyboardist Jeremy Bunce, bassist Gavin Paterniti, and drummer Marc Scapelitte release Colors and Lights and cement their spot as Western New York’s number one band to watch. 






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