Eastbound Throwdown Shares Initial Lineup

Eastbound Throwdown Shares Initial Lineup

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

Eastbound Throwdown Music Festival has announced their 2019 initial lineup. The festival hosted by Eastbound Jesus with the help of Guthrie Bell Productions will take place September 6th-7th, 2019 on Irwin Farm in Salem, NY. This year’s lineup is already stacked featuring The Mallett Brothers Band, Ghost of Paul Revere, The Blind Owl Band, Rebel Darling, Saints and Liars, Turf N’ Turf and of course Eastbound Jesus.

The festival started in 2015 when the Irwin Family, friends of the band gave their blessing to host the location of Eastbound Throwdown. The stages were built by the band themselves and over the years has become a go-to destination for fans of bluegrass, folk and rock music. This music festival also has a family atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to bring the kids! Festival passes are on sale now for Eastbound Throwdown. To learn more about ticketing information, click here.

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