Chris Cole is Back On Fallen Footwear

Chris Cole is Back On Fallen Footwear

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

Pro skateboarder Chris Cole has made the decision ride for his old pals at Fallen Footwear. It’s no lie that he is one of the most legendary street skateboarders of all time. He rode for them for many years and had the last part in Fallen’s full length movie Ride the Sky. After he left the the team he rode for D.C. shoes up until he left in 2017. The shoe company is back in business after being shut down since 2016. Jamie Thomas originally founded the company in 2003. The company re-launched their instagram announcing that both Tommy Sandoval and Billy Marks will also be joining the team. There is no word if any other original members will be hopping back on Fallen Footwear just yet so stay tuned for more news.

Watch Chris Cole’s Ride the Sky part below:


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