Getting To Know GrooveSafe & How To Share The Awareness

Getting To Know GrooveSafe & How To Share The Awareness

(Writer: Emily VanderWiel)

“Keep your hands to yourself,” this is something we are taught as early as preschool, and sometimes in certain situations there is an apparent need to remind ourselves of this.  Living in a digital age where boundaries and personal connections are commonly overlooked or forgotten, it has become incredibly important to be purposeful in our social interactions.  It happens too much; unwanted touching, invasion of personal space and outright sexual assault.  From this realization that more awareness was needed, GrooveSafe was born.  In 2017, Ashley Driscoll, an avid live music fan, concert attendee and supporter of the jam scene decided enough was enough and began an initiative to change these behaviors for good.

GrooveSafe is a movement within the musical community to bring awareness about unwanted touching and sexual assault at concerts.  It happens, and it sucks.  Focused on teaching body safety, boundaries & respect, GrooveSafe has a presence at concerts and festivals, spreading awareness in any way possible.  There are movements and campaigns that stress the importance of consent in many areas of culture and the music scene shouldn’t be any different.


“The movement starts with awareness which will lead to changing behavior as well as protecting each other. Keep talking about this and look out for one another. This is a mission within the community, for the whole community, to better the community.” – Ashley Driscoll  – CEO & Founder GrooveSafe

Mirth Films had an opportunity to sit with Ashley and discuss the history of the movement, what it means to her and what the goal of the initiative is for the future.  These can be hard conversations to have, but awareness is the first step toward prevention.  Find more information and how to get involved at

The Origins of Groovesafe with Ashley Driscoll:

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