We Now Have A Weekly Podcast and Live Stream!

We Now Have A Weekly Podcast and Live Stream!

We at Mirth Films have decided to step into another territory by introducing our brand new YouTube live stream/audio podcast which were calling the Kinda Live, Kinda Livin’ Podcast. This will be a weekly podcast where we talk about news, what is going on in the world of Mirth Films along with a topic of the week! The podcast will be hosted by Frank Cavone and Doug Quimby. Currently the only place where you can listen to the audio version of the podcast is on SoundCloud but will soon be available on Apple iTunes as well. We will be announcing a specific day and time that the live stream will be happening each week so that you are able to tune in. With our live stream, you will have the option to chat with us right through the stream. We will be answering all questions and if there is any topics that you would like us to talk about, let us know! Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up with all the video content that we will be rolling out. Watch or listen to episode 2 of the Kinda Live, Kinda Livin’ Podcast below:


Audio Version:

Video Version:

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