Album Review: Deer Tick | Mayonnaise

Album Review: Deer Tick | Mayonnaise

(Writer: Cody Lantz)

This month the native Providence Rhode Island alt-rockers, Deer Tick, released a new album on Partisan Records titled Mayonnaise, a follow up and companion album to last year’s pair of self-titled releases, Deer Tick Vol.1 and Vol.2. Continually crafting their sound and songwriting, Mayonnaise showcases both the band’s electric rock n’ roll side as well as their mellower acoustic side, with a collection of new songs, alternative versions, and covers that do not disappoint.

The album opens up with the new single, “Bluesboy.” Perhaps channeling, Deervana (Deer Tick’s Nirvana cover band) this is the heaviest sounding track on the record and makes for some rocking bar rousing fun. The catchy, “Hey! Yeah!”, is another new single and stand- out track featuring twangy alt-country guitars and gritty vocals from singer/guitarist John McCauley. Other new material, like “Strange Awful Feeling” featuring an acoustic duet between guitarist Ian O’Neil and drummer Dennis Ryan, and the jazzy bar lounge instrumental piece “Memphis Chair”, nicely compliment the rest of Mayonnaise.

Deer Tick included a selection of alternate takes of songs off their Vol. 1 album, such as “Doomed from the Start”, “Limp Right Back”, “End of the World”, and “Cocktail.” This version of “Cocktail” is worth a listen as it features lavish steel pedal guitar playing, adding a unique layer to the track.

In addition to new material and alternative tracks, the Providence rockers also offer up a handful of covers on their new release, most of which were played regularly on previous tours. They feature, “White City” by the Celtic punk band The Pogues, a rendition of The Velvet Underground’s, “Pale Blue Eyes” performed by guitarist Ian O’Neil, and George Harrison’s, “Run of the Mill”, performed by drummer Dennis Ryan. Get yourself some Mayonnaise today!

Tour Dates: 

4/25 – Portland, ME
4/26 – Holyoke, MA
4/28 – Philadelphia, PA
4/30 – Brooklyn, NY
5/2 – Brooklyn, NY


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