…But does ItWork?

…But does ItWork?

(Writer: Brett Porter)

What if I told you that you could make a bunch of money from home by selling a bunch of health and detox products to your friends and family? And if they too wanna be a part of this money making extravaganza? Then you could become their distributor, and make even more money! You know what I’d say to that? Bullshit. Total bullshit. I present to you ItWorks, known primarily as the reason that the people you graduated from high school with reach out to you after years of no contact whatsoever.


ItWorks is a product line of health and detox supplements that aim to have the end user happy, healthy, and slim. Solid business model. I would respect it more if the way that they went about making sales wasn’t that resembling a pyramid scheme. The thing is though, although a “legit” pyramid scheme ends with no product being sold, (legit as in what a real pyramid scheme is) the business model of ItWorks and other similar services is dependent on you buying your product from someone higher up on the pyramid. By doing so, you are part of two separate pyramids: Your “distributors” Your own pyramid If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck… that in this case sells weight loss products. The allure of working from home is incredibly appealing to a lot of weak minded people who don’t truly understand they’re part of someone else’s pyramid.

That’s 100% how a pyramid scheme works, and what happens as result is that the higher you are on the pyramid, the more successful you are. That’s only one issue with ItWorks. That’s just breaking down the fundamental problem with the business model. Lazy Man and Money investigated ItWorks and went on to say “I did a little research on my own and I found this Ripoff Report on the company. As with all MLM (Multi-level Marketing) companies, brainwashed distributors jumped to defend the company because any MLM or pyramid scheme falls apart if new people can’t be recruited.” That’s not even getting into the products themselves.

If you ask yourself, “Brett, this can’t be. I know dozens of business models that work similarly and they can’t be bad.” Well Jimmy, I’d tell you that’s because your friends are drug dealers, because that is the entirety of the dealer/pusher pyramid. ItWorks has a multitude of products, but the one that most sellers try and push is what is often seen as a “skinny wrap.” When you buy these, sellers neglect to tell you that the wraps don’t help with cellulite or saggy skin. So tell me then, what does the wrap help with? Not a goddamn thing.

pyramidschemeredflags.jpg(Source: Investor.gov)

Truth in Advertising (henceforth referred to as TINA) finds that the wraps themselves have absolutely zero benefit. The wraps do nothing to purify the body/skin or remove toxins from the body, which is a huge part of their selling point. These things don’t make you lose weight either, and if you go on a full year’s regiment of these things, you could be up to 1200 dollars in the hole… So wait a minute, I thought actual pyramid schemes didn’t sell a product?

So let me ask you this, you ambitious little stay at home workers, why does it sounds like in both instances, a consumer pays for a product they don’t truly get? Doesn’t seem like there is much of one, is there? In closing, if this truly is a great company, how do you explain the undisclosed 50 dollar cancellation fees? What’s that? You can’t? Well, conveniently enough, neither can the company itself, which is probably why as of 2017 they had 362 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. So now that I’ve told you why ItWorks is a scam, I’d love to show you this fantastic selection of Cutco Knives…

Source: https://www.lazymanandmoney.com/it-works-scam/

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