moePods Bring the Mutants and the .rons Together For An Unforgettable Night at Cohoes Music Hall

moePods Bring the Mutants and the  .rons Together For An Unforgettable Night at Cohoes Music Hall

(Writer: Emily VanderWiel)

Something special happened Saturday night in the wintry town of Cohoes, NY.  Members of two of New York’s most loved bands teamed up to bring their fans an evening of nostalgia and stellar musicianship.  MoePods is the result of a chance conversation between former Ominous Seapods’ bassist Tom Pirozzi and current guitar player of moe., Al Schnier.  Seapods members Tom Pirozzi (bass/vocals), Max Verna (guitar), Brian Magini (keyboards), Ted Marotta (drums/percussion) and moe.’s Al Schnier (guitar/vocals) and Vinnie Amico (drums) took the stage at Cohoes Music Hall and delivered a set list comprised of fan favorites from both bands.
The sets were a satisfying back and forth between moe. and Seapods’ songs.  Set one started off with a high energy Tailspin, sending the crowd right into orbit.  Followed by Candy Cane Flame>Mexico & Match Maker.   A lively cover of Cake’s Long Skirt/Short Jacket was the perfect prelude for OS’ Theme for Another Enlightened Rogue.  The end of set one rounded out with Bass/Drums->Anything is Possible ->Moth->Anything is Possible, and a climatic set closer, Blackberry Brandy.  Set two opened with Max Verna singing moe.’s OkayAlright, followed by Vinnie Amico on vocals for a cover of Grateful Dead’s Casey Jones.  The moePod flow continues with a high energy Yodelittle>The Pull From Adirondack Blue. The heavy hitting John Henry’s Hammer jammed out for about twenty minutes leading a grooving crowd into Bring You Down, Jet Smooth Ride and Jump For Joy.  The show ended with a rock-solid encore of Ship, and the always anticipated Leaving The Monopole.  
Ominous Seapods and moe. got their start in the same Upstate NY jam-band scene of the early ’90s, performing at the same venues and often collaborating.  Seapods’ shows also double as a reunion.  Since the band’s break up in 2001 they have reunited for a few shows, but since Seapods vocalist and guitarist Dana Monteith has moved to Australia he was unable to make it to NY for moePods.  The energies of the crowd, the band and the staff were something truly special.  Seeing old friends from far and near, jamming out to tunes from “the good old days” is what keeps old school Ominous Seapod and moe. fans coming back any chance they get.   
(Photos By: Billy Leroux and Frankie Cavone)

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