The Art of War Interview with Wavy Cunningham and DJ Mercy

We sat down with Wavy Cunningham and his producer DJ Mercy to talk about their latest project, The Art Of War. The Art Of War is a ten song hip-hop album that came out at the end of December last year. In the age of trap music and mumble rap, Wavy and DJ Mercy decided to do something different by sampling old jazz, R&B, and reggae songs. Wavy’s lyrical abilities paired with DJ Mercy’s carefully selected beats creates a new sound for the music industry.

Wavy and DJ Mercy connected about two years ago and have been making music together ever since. This is the third project they have released together, and they have more in the works. The passion Wavy Cunningham and DJ Mercy have for what they do is clear in their songs. Each piece goes under careful consideration and it shows. Wavy mentions how easy it is to release a lot of music just for it to be forgotten in a week. He doesn’t want his music to be like that. They strive to make quality music that is going to stick with listeners for years down the road. Check out their video interview with us below:

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