Twiddle Sets Tone For Two Night Run at 9:30 Club

Twiddle Sets Tone For Two Night Run at 9:30 Club

Twiddle took the stage last night at D.C.’s famous 9:30 Club. They set the tone for their two-night run, and if tonight is anything like yesterday we’re all in for a real treat. Both sets featured multiple theme songs from movies, most notably William Wallace’s Braveheart speech interjected between Twiddle’s “Tiberius”.  Jeremy Schon, lead guitarist of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong also made an appearance during “Apples.” Twiddle will be playing one more night at 9:30 Club before they join Phil Lesh at The Capitol Theater 10/31/18 for a special Phiddle Halloween show.

Opening Act: Bumpin Uglies

Set 1: Nicodemus Portulay > Halloween Theme, Frankenfoote > Harry Potter Theme > Doinkinbonk > James Bond Theme > Blunderbuss, Lost in the Cold

Set 2:  Orlando’s > Indiana Jones Theme > Apples1 > Lord of the Rings Theme, Cabbage Face > JurasicPark Theme, Tiberius > Braveheart Speech > Tiberius

Encore:  Mad World

1. Featuring Jeremy Schon


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