5 Best Things About Lake George in the Fall

5 Best Things About Lake George in the Fall

Writer: Doug Quimby

As the busy summer season is coming to an end, one of, if not, the best season is coming. Fall in Lake George NY is an amazing and incredibly relaxing place. Time to take a deep breath and remember why you love this place.

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     1.No People!

After the Car Show all of the tourist leave! No cars lining the sides of every road. No out of towners that think the world revolves around them. You can enjoy the town without having to fight through people. It’s a great experience overall after they leave.

     2. Free Parking

Also after the Car Show, the Peace Cops and their Meter Enforcement comrades hang up there uniforms for the year. So no one walking around to give out parking tickets. Feel free to ignore the parking meters.

    3. Fall Foliage

Lake George is located in the Adirondacks. We have nature for days. The leaves are going to be changing colors soon and it’ll be perfect for seeing the mountains covered in the beautiful yellow, orange, and red colors.


    4. Balloon Festival

It’s also the time of year when we attach baskets to the bottoms of huge balloons, and then fill them with hot air to send us into the sky. The Annual Adirondack Balloon Festival starts September 20th and is always a great place for the whole family.40665936_2030331030331800_4266292144416751616_n   

 5. Nature!!!

Aside from the leaves changing color, being outside in the fall is downright peaceful. You’re no longer battling heat stroke when you step outside so it’s the perfect time to hike one of the wonderful mountains in the area, taking a walk by the lake, or having a picnic in one of the parks. Nothing beats that crisp mountain air.

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People from all around the world flock to Lake George during the summer season. But every one of the locals can’t wait for the fall. Now’s the time to experience why.

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