Top Skateparks in Upstate New York

Top Skateparks in Upstate New York

In the past decade, Upstate New York has seen quite a number of skateparks built, especially an increase in public skateparks. With skateboarding growing bigger and bigger each year, the demand for places to skate is on the rise. We have compiled list of the top skateparks in Upstate, New York that we recommend that you make a trip to skate!

Albany Bluebanks Skate Park – Albany, New York

We would like to start off the list with New York’s Capital, Albany. Albany has had a thriving skateboarding scene for many years and is home to the “Blue Banks.” The Blue Banks are located in Washington Park in downtown Albany. Skateboarders fought for years to get a public skatepark built and finally it happened! This finally came to life and is been built on the site of the Blue Banks. The skatepark is concrete and has a unique downhill style. There is a great balance between street and tranny. No matter how skilled of a skateboarder you are, there is something for you to skate.

Video Credit: tallboycan

Saugerties Skatepark – Saugerties, New York

The Saugerties Skatepark was built in 2009 and is a hotspot in Upstate New York. The skatepark has a unique bowl feature along with a fun street section. There is not a lot of bowl parks upstate, but this a skatepark is a place where you can carve around and flow with ease. Saugerties is about an 45 minutes to an hour South of Albany and is right off I-87. This a must ride skatepark so be sure to put this on your list!

Lake George Skate Plaza – Lake George, New York:

The Lake George Skate Plaza took about 7 years to get built. With little help in 2008, skateboarders showed that they were willing to work hard to fundraise for a skatepark in Lake George, New York. After constantly fundraising for a few years, the interest in skateboarding for the town grew bigger and finally the skateboarders gained support. In late 2015, the skatepark finally was finished and is located right next to the lake in Charles R. Wood Park. This skatepark is a perfect reason to get away for a few days to skate and in enjoy the beauty that is the Adirondack Mountains.

Saranac Lake Skate Park – Saranac Lake, New York:

The Saranac Lake Skatepark is located is 5,200 square feet and is all concrete. The location of the skatepark was once just a parking lot but is now an attraction right in the center of town!

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