Molly Tuttle Sells Out The Egg in Albany, NY

Molly Tuttle Sells Out The Egg in Albany, NY

Photos: Csilla Kajtar

Molly Tuttle, acclaimed bluegrass vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, has been captivating audiences across the US this year with her band Golden Highway. The tour is in support of her highly acclaimed and Grammy-nominated album, “City of Gold.” She and her band played in Albany last Sunday to a sold out Swyer Theatre at The Egg.

“City of Gold” was inspired by Tuttle’s touring with Golden Highway over the past few years and is a follow-up to her 2022 record, “Crooked Tree.” This earlier album earned Tuttle a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album​​.

Golden Highway, alongside Tuttle on vocals and acoustic guitar, includes Bronwyn Keith-Hynes on fiddle and harmony vocals, Dominick Leslie on mandolin, Shelby Means on bass and harmony vocals, and Kyle Tuttle on banjo and harmony vocals​​.

Setlist: Evergreen, El Dorado, Next Rodeo, Down Home Dispensary, Yosemite, Open Water (Bronwyn Keith-Hynes cover), Dire Wolf, Over the Line, Stranger Things, Alice in the Bluegrass, White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover), Sleepy-Eyed John (Johnny Horton cover), The First Time I Fell in Love, Olympia (Rancid cover), Side Saddle, Dooley’s Farm, Castilleja, Where Did All the Wild Things Go?, Crooked Tree, San Joaquin, Take the Journey (Molly Tuttle cover), More Like a River, I’ve Endured w/ Chatham Rabbits.


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