Jinjer: A Blazing Night of Metal at Empire Live in Albany, NY

Jinjer: A Blazing Night of Metal at Empire Live in Albany, NY

Photos: Csilla Kajtar

Jinjer‘s reputation preceded them and their headlining show brought out the crowds on Sunday night in Albany, NY. Formed in Donetsk, a region currently bearing the extreme weight of geopolitical tensions, Jinjer’s story is one of musical evolution entwined with grit and resilience.

Their journey began in 2008 without the backing of record labels. Instead, their relentless touring and unmatched live energy compelled the world to take notice. Sunday night, Albany was reeled into Jinjer’s orbit.

The band’s musical mastery is rooted in robust metal but never restricted to it. Jinjer’s seamless fusion with progressive rock and unexpected elements from other genres, especially on their 2019 album Macro – has granted them a unique sonic footprint. Their latest album, Wallflower, however, appears to recalibrate their trajectory, veering towards a more unrelenting, metallic soundscape. It’s less of an adventurous odyssey and more of an assertive affirmation of their roots.

Beyond the music, Jinjer’s strength is in their stage presence. They brought and maintained a palpable surge of energy emanating from the stage and through the venue. Tatiana Shmailyuk’s voice filled the room with its astounding range, from forceful roars to clean, enchanting, melodies. Empire Live resonated with intense, uplifting, and undeniably Jinjer energy.

In the realm of live performances, Jinjer has solidified their status in Albany. As they journey alongside Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin until September 2, followed by a slew of headlining showcases through the US and Canada until September 25, one thing’s crystal clear: Jinjer’s reign is far from over and we’re here for it! Don’t miss out, catch a show!


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