Super Mario Party Guide Part 3: Partner Party

Super Mario Party Guide Part 3: Partner Party

Writer:Doug Quimby/Deanna Bushey

You’ve battled it out in Mario Party, you’ve survived the river, now it’s time for Partner Party. Partner Party is a team version of Mario Party, two versus two. You can move easily throughout the entire board, choosing your own path, which leads to more excitement and possibilities than in the standard Mario Party. This game mode requires both strategy and communication but is a very fun game mode if you’re looking to switch things up.

You select an item you want to use if you have one, pick your die, and then your partner does the same. You roll at the same time and the number you roll is added to your partner’s and that’s how many moves you got. There’s no set route that you have to take like in Mario Party, you’re free to decide where you want to go. You and your teammate could chose to either split up or travel throughout the map together. Either way, your end goal is to do what it takes to get the most items and stars you can. Any items that you or your partner pick up can be shared between each other. Keep in mind that any allies you pick up will be yours only though. Speaking of allies, try to rake up as many as you can. They’ll be scattered randomly across the board and all you have to do is run into them to take them along. Just like in Mario Party, the more allies you have the more you’ll move.
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Partner Party requires a lot of communication to win. The boards will be split up into sections that the star will move to. Some maps will have special items you have to pick up along your way to access special sections or events. It’s a good idea to always try to land on a lucky or item space. You have free reign to move anywhere so it’s easy to make every move count. Talking with your teammate about everything, from deciding where to go, when to use items, and what dice blocks you should use, will help you go a long way in this game. Every move can be beneficial with enough planning.

Minigames come into play in Partner Party just as they do in Mario Party. In this mode, if only one teammate wins, both of you get to reap the benefits. Make sure you’re giving these minigames your all to get the most coins possible. Good moves will be useless if you can’t afford stars!

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Partner Party is a great game mode if you take time to figure out what works. Make sure to rake up those coins and buy as many stars as possible. Being able to pick your route and the potential of getting the best out of every roll makes this game mode one of the most exciting modes. Good communication will lead to good strategies and ultimately, victory.

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