The Team:

Frankie Cavone Mirth Picture

Frankie Cavone has years of experience in all types of digital media. He received a bachelors degree video production and digital media at SUNY Plattsburgh along with getting a certificate from the New School of Radio and TelevisionFrank interned for a few different companies including Golden Lamb Productions. Under the wing of owner Dow Haynor, Cavone learned professional skills and techniques that are used in the industry.  Frankie owns a free-lance company called F.Cavone Productions. At F.Cavone Productions, Cavone create many different types of videos but it doesn’t stop there. He also shoots professional photography along with helping clients market themselves properly. 

In July of 2017, F.Cavone Productions in conjunction with R.D.Sanchez Multimedia created its first documentary “Civil Corrosion: An Urban Doc.” This documentary is about urban exploration based in Northeastern United States. The film takes an in depth look in how mother nature takes back the land over time. Due to these deserted buildings and factories, a sub culture was created. In the summer of 2017, “Civil Corrosion” was featured at the New York State International Film Festival. Along with running F.Cavone Productions, Cavone is an avid concert photographer. Shooting for a few different outlets, he as shot tons of bands big and small at venues all over the northeast.

Website: www.fcavoneproductions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fcavoneproductions
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fcavone_photos/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/steelcity58

Doug Quimby Headshot

Doug Quimby has had a long time interest in videography. When he was in elementary school he would film his friends and himself skateboarding and make videos to put on YouTube. During High School he started hanging out with Frankie Cavone where they would continue to make skateboarding videos and eventually a couple skits. After High School he moved out to Las Vegas to work for his sisters video production company called SurReel Video. There he got more experience shooting and editing photos and videos for businesses. After two years he moved back to New York to start Mirth Films with Frankie Cavone and Ramon Sanchez.

Ramon Sanchez Mirth Picture

Originating from Bronx, New York, Ramon has shown a deep adoration for multimedia production since he was a child. Since then, he has shown his dedication by joining the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Youth Outreach Division to begin his journey into the world of acting on stage.  Ramon began his production experience when he joinedPlattsburgh State Television (PSTV). PSTV is a student-run television station on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.  The following semester, Ramon earned the position of News Briefs Producer. He finished his PSTV career as the Human Resources Manager.

Ramon also serves as a freelance concert photographer for NYSMusic and has been featured in local news outlets for his work in his latest project Civil Corrosion: An Urban Doc. The documentary is his first full-feature documentary exploring abandoned establishments throughout the Northeastern part of the United States.

Website: www.rdsanchezmultimedia.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RDSanchezMultimedia
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rdsanchezmultimedia
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCdnpcG-rpvAup9EHEBHLQcA

Marissa Mirth Picture

Marissa graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in May 2017 with a BS in TV/Video Production and a Photography minor. Marissa has wanted to be a film maker since she was 10 years old and her favorite aspects of filmmaking are Screen writing and Editing. Over the summer, Marissa worked as a PA for an Independent film staring Joan Jett and Ed Asner called “Dinosaur.” During her time at Plattsburgh, she produced her own television show called “On That Note” for PSTV. Marissa’s dream job is to be a Television/Movie Producer. Her hobbies also include, Going to concerts, makeup, and watching movies.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marisunderstood/